Why SwimEars is a good idea - 4 REASONS

People ask us all the time how we came up with the idea to SwimEars. First and foremost - we LOVE watersports, and as passionate swimmers and surfers our self we saw an immediate need for a new standard earplug. And yes, we believe that we with SwimEars have re-engineered and re-designed what a watersport earplug is and should be all about, keeping water out, letting sound in.

4 reasons that you should consider as well:

1. Education - being able to hear your coach is evident for maximizing the outcome of a training session, and coaches loves to be understood the first time they try to explain something ;)
2. Infections and ear related problems - as a triathlete or a swimmer with a tight training schedule it's important to avoid periods without training caused by infections. More time in the water, fewer visits to the doctor - equals better results in the water.
3. Security - it is usually advised not to swim alone in Open Waters. Being able to hear your swim buddy in crucial situations is important.
4. Experience - as water athletes you "close down" many of the senses you usually use to navigate. Being able to hear in the water gives you a richer experience in the water.

Enjoy SwimEars, see you in the waves.


We are happy to announce that SwimEars has been nominated “Offer of the year 2015” by World Open Water Swimming Association, WOWSA. It’s a great honor and means a lot in terms of building our market, creating SUPERcredibility in our product and brand, as it generally is sweet to be recognized.

The motivation for the nomination is - The award is meant to identify products, services, events and organizations that:

  1. best support and assist open water swimmers achieve their goals,
  2. are innovative, unique and beneficial to open water swimmers, race directors, coaches or administrators, and 
  3. have made the most positive impact on the world of open water swimming during the calendar year.

The award is given to the initiative with the most votes, so please help us - vote for us.

Please follow:


Thank you SO MUCH.

//The SwimEars Team

Anna Eriksmo

This week we had the chance to sit down with one of our  SwimEars™ ambassadors here in Malmö, Anna Eriksmo. Anna is an accomplished triathlete, running, climbing, cycling, swimming and winning the half Ironman this summer. She took some time to talk to us about how she got into triathlons, how SwimEars™'s have affected her performance and just what swimming means to her.


SE: Anna, tell us, when did you first begin swimming as a sport?

AE: I've always been active: track and field, boxing during my 20's and now endurance and adventure sports like running cycling climbing. I swam on and off since the age of 13. I started open water swimming two years ago. 

SE: What attracted you to swimming?

AE: I was attracted to it for several reasons, I live by the ocean, for one thing and I was also tempted to go in the cold water to challenge myself and was attracted by going in more rough sea. I started surfing at the same time so there was a general interest in water sports. 
I really enjoy being outdoors! I don't go to the gym unless I really really have to. I love the feeling when I can push my body to do something beyond my limits. I prefer running in the mountains because I can go further than if I am just hiking.

SE: Interesting and what got you into triathlons?

AE: It's funny, because I just started with triathlons this year. I've been running all my life and I swim, but I don't really consider myself a triathlete. People started suggesting triathlons and I had all these excuses, but then I decided to give it a try and it went really well! I did the half Ironman distance this summer and everyone asks if I will do the full Ironman. Honestly what attracts me more is going for the Olympic distance now. It is more of a challenge, I know I could do a full Ironman but I would rather be competitive at the olympic distance so I am aiming for the Swedish Cup as an elite athlete.


SE: Wow! That's really inspiring!
What problems do you face as a swimmer?

AE: I like the cold but I have a problem with endurance in cold water.
One of my swimming coaches told me if I can't last in the cold water I must not be swimming fast enough. I can handle the fact that the water is painful when it's cold but the difficulty is that, eventually it puts a damper on your movement.

I also have a minor hearing disorder since childhood and I'm a bit cautious with my ears, I really want to protect them. When I do triathlons it's a risk to get water in your ears because it affects your balance and you can't deal with that on a bike or running.

SE: How have SwimEars™ affected your experience as an athlete?

AE: Prior to SwimEars™ I wasn't really using ear plugs because I couldn't find any I liked. I don't like when my senses are dulled. Now that I use SwimEars™ I honestly cannot imagine going into the water without them. They fit super well and I hear clearly! Actually all my friends want them now and they are super excited to order them.

SE: How does swimming make you feel or impact your life?

AE: I can train and be active with my body...I love cycling but swimming and climbing are so different. When I do those sports I feel that I'm really in my element. If I could no longer be in the water element, it would really cut off my whole life experience. I mean I can do indoor swimming to train but open water... it's an experience. For me, it's like food, it's nourishment. I long for it and it would creep under my skin if I was without it.


You can learn more about Anna and follow her personal blog here.

Waikiki Rough Water Swim 2015

Saturday was the annual Waikiki Rough Water Swim in Hawaii!
This event is always highly anticipated, however this year the weather put a bit of a damper on the swimming conditions. Armed with hurricanes, high surf and boxed jellyfish, Mother Nature had a different plan for the day and unfortunately the swim had to be cancelled. While a few elite swimmers tried to brave the conditions and venture out into the waters, it was later said that canceling the race was the right choice. Unfortunate for all but at least there will be even more excitement building up for next year's swim! 

Choppy Waters: pushing yourself past your limits.

  Diana Nyad photographed by Catherine Opie.

Diana Nyad photographed by Catherine Opie.

Here at SwimEars, we are inspired by all things water sports related, but even more fascinating are the people who continue to evolve beyond their comfort zone, by pushing their bodies past their perceived limits.

In 2013, American long distance swimmer, Diana Nyad attempted to swim 110 miles (177 km) from Cuba to Florida for the 5th time and succeeded. She faced many natural dangers from sharks, jellyfish, freezing waters, to excessive exposure to salt, and zero time for sleep. One might argue that the hardest part about a swim like that is protecting your body from natural threats, but we think mental hurdles are just as powerful as mother nature.  The determination to try and fail repeatedly offers one the opportunity to learn from mistakes and do it again and again until IT becomes your best!

Listen to Diana's inspiring story here, on NPR.

Join us and flaunt your marketing skills!

This is an opportunity to join a fresh, new-thinking and fast growing creative company with fantastic colleagues with whom you’ll want to hang out with during and after work. Besides that, you will have a fantastic work place with an epic ocean view directly from your desk!

You should be passionate and knowledgeable about the following:

  • Brand building, brand strategy and market positioning
  • Marketing and communications through social media, blogs and other digital channels
  • Content & grassroots marketing
  • Creating stunning presentation material both from a visual and contextual point of view
  • Gathering, compelling and presenting market and consumer feedback in an easy understandable way
  • Working in teams

As a person we hope that you are:

  • Social, outgoing and fun to be around
  • A hands on person who enjoys getting your hands dirty
  • Creative and curious about work and life in general
  • Someone who gets the job done, no matter what
  • Eager to learn new things and share your knowledge with others

Even better if you:

  • Are a swimmer or active within any other water sport, makes it ease to relate to our product
  • Have experience from retail, online sales or running / setting up a web shop
  • Have a general knowledge of web/graphic design 
  • Are Fluent in Adobe CS Suite and Wordpress

How to apply:
Send your resume and a personal letter describing why you want to be a part of the SwimEars team to info@swimears.se . For questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact HR Manager Linda at linda@frankly.se. If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact Hans Henrik H. Heming at hanshenrik@swimears.se

Please send your application before the 31st of August!

/Team SwimEars 

SwimEars™ x CPH Triathlon

Last weekend we attended the Copenhagen Triathlon in Dragoer, Denmark. This was the 2nd year of the race, with 400 participants and it was an incredible amount of fun. It was half the distance of Ironman, with 1900 meters in swimming, 90 kilometers biking and 21.1 kilometers running. SwimEars was a sponsor and if you look closely you can catch a peek of our logo below Berit Foersom's race number!  You can see more pictures from the event here on their Instagram account and Facebook page. We can't wait for next year!!

CPH:Triathlon - Motivation

Så fik jeg skudt og redigeret min første triathlon video til CPH:Triathlon. Målet var at skabe en 'motiverende' stemning i videoen. Tjek det ud og så håber jeg, at det giver et lille boost til alle dem der stiller op til IRONMAN Copenhagen om små 3 uger :-)www.LindeVisuals.dk

Posted by Linde Visuals on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Webshop open for business

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.28.28 AM.png

Guess what?! Our webshop is now open for business!!!
You can now pre-order SwimEars™ here. You can also order spare parts as well as other merchandise, such as SwimEars™ t-shirts. We hope you enjoy the shop and pass the word along to your friends and family! We are so stoked to see everything mobbing along so smoothly and hope to offer even more awesome merck to our shop as time goes on.

Fully Funded and Beyond!

What can we say, we are overjoyed and so excited that our Kickstarter campaign was funded and the backing even exceeded what we had hoped for!! THANK YOU for all the support and kind words! We so appreciate all of you! Even though we've reached the finish line, the journey doesn't end here. You will be able to pre-order SwimEars on our webshop beginning on Monday, July 20th, 2015! Stay up to date with news here on our blog as well as our Facebook page and Instagram

Now it's time to celebrate!! We wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Approaching the finish line

We are fully funded on Kickstarter!!! With only 24 hours left on the campaign, it's the last chance to take advantage of the limited Kickstarter offers such as the Early Birds and Combo-pack. More importantly, your added support will help us get this product to market even faster. 

Here's a little sneak peek of what we have in the works in the studio today. You can get this awesome T-shirt in the Combo-pack!

Who's got our back?!

With less than 48 hours to go in our campaign, we decided to have a look at who's backing us on Kickstarter. The US is taking the lead with 23%, a bit more surprising is Denmark who shares second place with the UK at 18%. Sweden, where we're based, follows with 16%!

Other countries includes the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Iceland, Canada, Spain, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Finland, Norway, Italy, South Africa, Israel, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Costa Rica and Pakistan! 

A huge thanks to all of our backers from all over the world! We appreciate you!

Extra Early Birds offers!

Dear SwimEars supporters,

There are only a few days left on the Kickstarter campaign and we're now sold out of the Early Birds offers. However, we want all of you who are interested in this offer to have a last chance of backing us, so we're adding 75 more Early Birds offers as of today!

With only 3 days to go imake sure you click through to our Kickstarter page and pledge!

We won’t release any more Early Birds after this, so when the additional 75 are gone, they're gone forever!

Thank you for helping us make this project become reality!

// SwimEars Crew

All boxed up!

We've been working with our dear friends and design company Howl with the design and packaging of SwimEars. We are incredibly proud of the final product! Here are some early packaging options before we made our final decision on the yellow. What do you think?

SwimEars ambassador Henrik Slot Nielsen at Waikiki Challenge

We first came in contact with Henrik Slot Nielsen last year when he did a charity swim for life and lungs from Bornholm to Christianso, two Danish islands in the Baltic Sea. The project leading up to this charity swim was called "Swim for Life and Lungs" and was executed to raise awareness about the importance of healthy lungs.

Henrik is now our SwimEars ambassador and is pictured below using SwimEars at the Waikiki Challenge. 

"The best thing about open water swimming is that every swim is unique...the color of the water, the temperature, the wind and current, the wildlife, your companions and your own mood."
-Henrik Slot Nielsen

Release the leash

Since we've had such lovely weather, our very own Hans Henrik from the decided to take a little seaside dip right outside our office, to test out the product. The leash is optional and the plugs are made in three different sizes (included in each set) enabling you the perfect fit. They fit snuggly and safely in your ear even without the leash!

Who said primary colors are just for kids?

Hey guys! We're playing with the thought of adding a new color to the plugs. Studies show that green (the same green used in the Kickstarter logo) is the color which is easiest to spot when open water swimming. Closely followed by red and the third best is our own SwimEars-yellow! Or perhaps there's a different color we should try on the leash?

We're interested in your feedback! What color would you like to see if we make a limited edition pair? Leave a comment below and let us know!