• swimming Earplugs that Let sound in and keep water out!

  • useful for all water sports

  • 4 gel sizes for secure and comfortable fit

  • Don't worry, swim happy

swimming Earplugs that Let sound in and keep water out!

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useful for all water sports

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4 gel sizes for secure and comfortable fit


Don't worry, swim happy

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Five Stars! Love the fact I can wear these swim ears and still hear the instructions from my swim teacher and block out the lake water 💦

Ali Sandywell

Fast delivery and excellent products. My little boy has a serious ear problem but these have enabled him to swim with security and freedom again

Mrs Elliott

Does what it says. Had ear infection through swimming, went 8 weeks without getting my ears wet then tried the swimears protectors. Brilliant.

Tracy Ridyard

In recent years I had often problems with my ear after swimming. Now I've discovered swimears and tried it out for two weeks. The fit of the swimears was very good and didn't hinder me while swimming. In these two weeks I had no pain in my ear. Perfect!


Amazing! The are incredibly comfortable, light as a feather, water tight and I can relax knowing I will never lose them in the pool. The look good, and it's great being able to have a conversation with my husband between laps. We both have them and he's as impressed as I am.

Trish Dean

The best earplugs EVER! I got swimmer's ear every other month while trying silicone/speedo EVERYTHING OUT THERE!! Finally I felt like it was worth the big bucks--TOTALLY WORTH IT! Comfortable and effective!

Babbling Brook

Let Sam demonstrate how swimears works

Now for children

Earplugs developed for children, keeping their ears safe while they are able to hear, speak and enjoy their time in the water.

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