Become a SwimEars Ambassador!

SwimEars is seeking ambassadors to help promote our high-quality swimming earplugs. Our earplugs are designed to protect swimmers' ears from water damage and discomfort while they enjoy their favorite aquatic activities. By becoming a SwimEars ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to share your passion for swimming and water sports with others, while also helping to raise awareness about the importance of protecting your ears while swimming. Whether you are a professional swimmer, a recreational swimmer, or simply someone who loves being in the water, SwimEars is looking for individuals who can spread the word about our products and the benefits they offer to swimmers of all levels. Join our team and help us make a splash in the world of swimming!

Reach out to us via email at or through instagram @swimears to become part of the team.

Some of our current ambassadors 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

 Jonas Andersson, Växjö, Sweden: 

My first swim competition was ÖTILLÖ 2009 and at this point I did not know that this was the beginning of a new lifestyle for me. After that, there have been another 5 starts at ÖTILLÖ with a fifth place as my best. There have been many starts in local competitions and some podium places, but above all meeting new friends and acquaintances around my home country in Sweden has been one of the best highlights.

Jonas competed as part of Team SwimEars in 2021, at ÖTILLÖ Gothenburg and Utö in the mixed teams events finishing in the top ten and twenty respectively, below are three of his most memorable SwimRun memories:

  1. 1st victory at Rockman SwimRun when I was dehydrated and thought I was going to die.... 
  2. This year's start on ÖTILLÖ after 8 years of waiting, longing, and wanting to start again in even better shape.
  3. In the first edition of the 2XU Island Challenge, my partner and I managed to win by a margin of 10 seconds, it was surprising and incredibly fun to realise that anything can happen.

Dee Newell, Greystones, Ireland:

Dee is part of Swim Ireland, and a mainstay at many open water and ice swimming events around the world. Dee is one of our oldest SwimEars ambassadors, and a true lover of our product, never going in the water without them. You'll likely see her in and around the water more often than not!

Hanna Carmvall, Växjö, Sweden:

I got into swimrun through a friend who convinced me into doing a race just two weeks before the actual race. From the first step I was hooked! As an old elite swimmer who has spent all my time in the pool and with a passion for running this was the ultimate sport for me. That first race in Borås we placed second. And after that race there have been plenty more races!

My most memorable race is of course the mother of them all, the legendary ÖTILLÖ world championship in Stockholm. I was so nervous about doing the course on 65 km trail running and 10 km open water. My partner believed in us and made me confident that we were able to make it as long as we did it together. And he was so right! The race was amazing! Loved (almost) every second of the 10 hours and 43 minutes of racing! 

Hanna competed as part of Team SwimEars in 2021, at ÖTILLÖ Gothenburg and Utö in the mixed teams events finishing in the top ten and twenty respectively.

Tove Larsson, Gothenburg, Sweden: 

I have always loved challenges. As a former elite gymnast I live for that adrenaline rush. The feeling of doing something you didn’t believe was possible. The feeling of being alive. Before, it was doing flips up in the air. Today it is swimming through cold water, running in rough nature or biking fast on a flat road.

I am fairly new to endurance sports. Working with and coaching runners, triathletes and OCR-athletes in my everyday job, so I got inspired. As a sports physiologist I knew the theory behind. But then I decided I wanted to give it a go myself. Changing my training combined with a fear of deep and dark waters was a big challenge, but that’s we like right?! 

I love to have fun with my friends out in the beautiful Swedish nature. Competing on top of that makes it even better. I realised that Swimrun and triathlon is not just sports.. it’s a way of living.”

Tove was part of Team SwimEars at ÖTILLÖ Gothenburg 2021, finishing in the top ten in her first SwimRun event in the female teams.

John Myatt, Gloucester, UK:

I love SwimEars and wore them one of the first times in Russia in 2019 when I won age group gold for GB in the 3rd world ice swimming championships, where the water was zero degrees and they definitely stood up to the test.

Being one of the best ice swimmers in the world, we are super happy to have John as part of the SwimEars team, rocking our product at all his competitions and whilst giving constant insights and feedback about the product in different water temperatures.

Fanny Josefine Ahlfors, Jönköping, Sweden:

I compete in various Swimrun events with my partner Patrik Widell as Team Lost. I'm a former boxer and kickboxer with a World Cup gold in kickboxing as my best merit. 

I love doing creative things and want training to be fun. I have a big following at TikTok 1,1 million, where you can catch me having lots of fun.

A list of Fanny's achievements and a greater insight into her life can be found here:

Be sure to check her out on social media for a good time!

Evelina Järvinen, Gothenburg, Sweden: 

It was 2017 when I bought my first swimsuit. My partner had tried something called Swimrun and he was just stoked. I really wanted to know why and how a sport like this could give him that smile on his face. Then, just a week later I had my second ACL injury, from a rugby training incident. Coming from ball sports I’ve always loved chasing balls like a dog. But now I felt like I had to decide, to maybe put those football shoes aside for making me be able to run in the future. With that in mind, I kept my fingers cross during the surgery. Please make me good to find out what swimrun is all about!

The rehabilitation was tough, almost 1,5 years before I felt that I could run as normal again, but it was so worth it. I started taking swim classes and entered 2019 with endorphins. A newbie with no partner in the sport, I was just watching a lot of competitions. Great fun! Wanted to be out there! The pandemic came and took all the competitions from us during 2020, talk about getting excited for 2021! The summer arrived and I finally did my first ÖTILLÖ, what a race. It was so overwhelming and my feelings were all over the place. So eventually I really got to know what SwimRun was all about and I must say that I am totally stoked too!

Evelina was part of Team SwimEars at ÖTILLÖ Gothenburg 2021, finishing in the top ten in her first SwimRun event in the female teams. She then headed to the World Champs in Stockholm 2021, finishing in second place on the podium! She finished second at the ÖTILLÖ Malta womens event in 2022.