Collaborate and Partner With Us!

We want to collaborate and partner with your swim group, team or community!

If you're part of a swim group, team or community we want to connect with you and give you the opportunity to get you and your swimming buddies protected with SwimEars at a discounted rate or sponsor some of your cool events and initiatives! We encourage all groups to get involved no matter how big or small.

If this sounds like something for you, please reach out via email to or through our Instagram @swimears

Some of our current collaborations
The beautiful waters of Hebrides @immersehebrides


Commercial Partnerships:

SwimEars are looking for relevant commercial partners in the swimming community to help us spread awareness about the importance of protecting ear health in the water!

Current Partnerships 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun @otillorace

ÖTILLÖ and SwimEars are very pleased to announce its official partnership and on-going collaboration as of June, 2021. Both founded in Sweden, the companies have a clear focus in the swim and fitness community and performance. Whilst ÖTILLÖ is more focused on setting challenges for its participants and athletes, SwimEars is dedicated to looking after the general health and wellbeing of all swimmers, to ensure they can perform at their best in events like the Swimrun hosted by ÖTILLÖ. 

The core values that are synonymous with ÖTILLÖ, also reflect on the goals of SwimEars as a company, including teamwork, community, motivation, fun and passion. The partnership is also looking to build on projects and collaborations focused on sustainability and the protection of the natural environment that we are lucky enough to swim, race and host events in. SwimEars and its partners have recently released a coffee table book called ‘Stories for the Seas ’, in which all proceeds are being donated to relevant environmental and sustainable organisations. The SwimEars and ÖTILLÖ teams are looking forward to building on projects like this in the future.


 Team SwimEars at the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series Gothenburg.

 Ångaloppet SwimRun @angaloppet

We teamed up with Ångaloppet SwimRun in our native Sweden in 2022, to be on hand educating swimmers about the importance of protecting their ears from constant exposure to water through swimming.

We discovered that many swimming individuals and families are very unfamiliar with a common condition in open ocean swimmers called Surfer's Ear, which goes hand in hand with another condition called Swimmer's Ear, which is more commonly known. 

The partnership we established with Ångaloppet, justified our thoughts that we need to be on site at similar events in the future providing education and awareness about the issues above, as many swimmer's are unfamilar with them. Will see you at Ångaloppet in 2023!

Checking for the condition called Surfer's Ear at Ångaloppet, 2022