Why Plugs?

People ask us all the time how we came up with the idea to SwimEars. First and foremost – we LOVE watersports, and as passionate swimmers and surfers ourselves we saw an immediate need for a new standard earplug. And yes, we believe that we with SwimEars have re-engineered and re-designed what a watersport earplug is and should be all about, keeping water out, letting sound in.

4 reasons that you should consider as well:

  1. Education – being able to hear your coach is evident for maximizing the outcome of a training session, and coaches loves to be understood the first time they try to explain something.
  2. Infections and ear related problems – as a triathlete or a swimmer with a tight training schedule it’s important to avoid periods without training caused by infections. More time in the water, fewer visits to the doctor – equals better results in the water.
  3. Security – it is usually advised not to swim alone in Open Waters. Being able to hear your swim buddy in crucial situations is important.
  4. Experience – as water athletes you “close down” many of the senses you usually use to navigate. Being able to hear in the water gives you a richer experience in the water.